I would like all of our writers to please read the following issues that our art director faces when laying our articles. Please disregard if this does not apply to you and if it does apply to you, just follow his simple instructions and you will be helping us out tremendously! Thank you in advance!

Example 1 – We have captions with labels on the left and photos with just numbers on the right. Now I’m not a complete dummy – I can figure out which photo has a shovel, or a basket in it and match them up, but in most cases it’s not that easy. In this instance the photo file names should be, “garlic cloves.jpg, sprouts in ground.jpg, roots.jpg, etc. etc) This would save a ton of time and would ensure that I don’t make a mistake matching. When plant(s) are involved it becomes a huge problem.




Example 2 – Photo file name as the captions. This is a bad one. While this will ensure I get the right caption with the right photo, I can’t use these like this. My layout software will not accept file names like this. So in this instance I will have to copy and past every caption into the Word document with the story, and give it a label – Photo 1, Photo 2, etc. Then name each photo file to match – Photo 1.jpg, Photo 2.jpg, etc. This requires extra time that I simply don’t have, plus the potential for mistakes. And since I normally don’t even know this problem exists until I’m ready to lay out the article, this means that our copy editor never gets to see and edit the captions, which is another problem. Please NEVER do this.



I hope this helps everyone see what to avoid. If it were just one magazine it wouldn’t be a huge problem, but considering I have to single handedly lay out 10 magazines (424 pages) in under 4 weeks, I need every spare minute I can get. So if everyone will just do these little things it’ll add up to a HUGE help in our crazy schedule.

Thank you,

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